Best Travel Blender for Bulletproof Coffee: Top Picks and Reviews of 2022

If you’re a fan of bulletproof coffee, then you know that having a good blender is key. Not all blenders are created equal, some can’t handle hot liquids well, while others just don’t have the power to blend those thick and creamy coffees properly.

If you’re looking for the best travel blender for bulletproof coffee, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best blenders for hot liquids that are perfect for taking on the go. We’ll also provide reviews of some of our top picks. Whether you’re looking for a small and lightweight blender or one that can handle larger batches, we have something for everyone! So, what are you waiting for? Read on to find out more!

COMFEE’ Compact Personal Blender

Product Description:

The COMFEE’ Compact Personal Blender is the best and most powerful travel blender that can handle any food preparation or meal replacement task you throw at it.

The 300-watt motor will power through frozen ingredients, ice cubes, and tough seeds like chia, flax, and pumpkin. The 20 oz cup has a wide mouth opening for easy cleaning while the 10 oz cup is perfect for single servings.

This personal travel blender comes with two cups and lids so you can take your smoothie on the go without spilling a drop! Blend up your favorite fruits

The stainless steel blade is four-leaf, which makes it easier to crush ingredients and extract nutrients from fruits and veggies. Ideal for making drinks, juice, yogurt, smoothies, protein shakes, food preparation, and more

The detachable blade assembly, cups, lids, and integrated cord storage are all dishwasher safe and simple to maintain. The extra cord is stored on the countertop in a safe and neat manner by means of the built-in cord storage.


  • 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • Products that have plugs are designed to be used in the United States.
  • Comfee’ is a trusted brand in the usa
  • With only one push, you can turn on the device and go.


  • Difficult to blend hard frozen food

Ninja Personal Blender

Product Description:

The Ninja Personal Blender is perfect for making bulletproof coffee, food prep, and frozen blending. The 700-watt base and 16-ounce cups with spout lids make it easy to blend your favorite recipes.

Looking for a powerful, nutrient-rich, and vitamin extraction blender? Look no further than the Ninja Personal Blender! This top-of-the-line blender is perfect for extracting hidden nutrition from whole fruits and veggies, so you can get the most out of your food. With its high-performance motor and sleek design, the Ninja Personal Blender is perfect for any kitchen.

The pulse technology feature allows you to control the speed of your blending with just a touch. You can use this feature when crushing ice or making frozen drinks to help prevent over mixing or splashing

It’s not only perfect for bulletproof coffee but also best for making smoothies, milkshakes, frappes, margaritas, and more.


  • The containers, lids, and blade assembly are all machine dishwasher safe.
  • Slim design makes it easy to store
  • Blend directly in the Nutri Ninja cups
  • personal size


  • Cups included are little bit hard to clean

Magic Bullet Blender

Product Description:

The Magic Bullet Blender is a small, powerful blender that makes smoothies, shakes, and more. It chops through ice like butter and creates the perfect texture every time. With 2-ounce cups that fit inside the larger cups, you can make single servings of your favorite recipes.

The Magic Bullet Blender comes with 11 pieces so you can make all kinds of food and drinks at home or on the go.

Blend your favorite meals and snacks with the Magic Bullet Blender. This blender features a 250-watt power base that blends smoothies, dips, sauces, and more. The included cup is perfect for mixing up single servings of drinks or snacks such as omelets or smoothies. The compact size makes this blender easy to store on the countertop or in a cabinet when not in use.


  • included recipe guide
  • Hassle-free Cleanup
  • Easy To Use
  • It’s your personal kitchen food processor and blender helper.
  • Food is pushed back into the Cyclonic Cutting Zone violently


  • Not best as all-purpose blender

Hamilton Beach 800W

Product Description:

Hamilton Beach Power Blender Single-Serve Personal Blender is the best personal travel blender for bulletproof coffee. Its 800 watts of power and 20 ounce jar make it perfect for blending smoothies, protein shakes or even baby food. The single serve blender has a two speed control and pulse option that allows you to create just about any texture you want. The stainless steel blades are removable for easy cleaning, and the jar is dishwasher safe for quick cleanup.

The Hamilton Beach SureBlend process uses SureBlend technology to optimize the mixing procedure by drawing ingredients into the blades for fine results. For quieter mixing, a patent-pending, hinged sound shield mutes noise.


  • Easy to Clean Blending jar
  • High Performance Blending Technology
  • Stainless Steel Blades
  • 800 watt peak-power motor,


  • a bit pricy

IRIS USA Countertop & Kitchen Blender

Product Description:

The IRIS USA Countertop & Kitchen Blender is a high-power professional-grade blender. The 50 oz Tritan™ jar and blades are made of stainless steel, which provides durability, and the titanium coating adds extra strength and helps prevent staining. The blender has 3 speeds, so you can choose your preferred speed for your blended creations. It comes with a powerful motor that allows it to blend even the toughest ingredients. You can make smoothies, frozen drinks, protein shakes or anything else you want in this blender!

The IRIS USA 3-Speed professional-grade countertop blender can prepare your favorite beverages and smoothies in a matter of seconds. Ideal for the health-conscious or physically active person.

The Blender Jar and Cover are made of impact-resistant Tritan for a long life. Physical force causes cracks and breaking in glass blenders, but the Tritan body and cover resist such damage.


  • Easy to blend and mix fruits,
  • The all-in-one tool for making your favorite hot drink
  • dishwasher safe
  • 50 oz Capacity
  • High-speed Rotation


  • As a travel blender it is little bit large

Best Travel Blender for Bulletproof Coffee buying guide

So, we’ve established that consuming bulletproof coffee has several advantages, and we’re seeking for the ideal blender for producing a wonderful foamy cup of bulletproof coffee. but what to look for before buying a blender for hot drinks or bulletproof coffee?

There are several things to bear in mind before purchasing a blender for bulletproof coffee. Let’s take a look –


The price is the first thing you want to look at before buying any product. You don’t want to break your budget but you also don’t want to be cheap if it is not worth buying the blender in the first place. Keep in mind that most good-quality blenders will cost more than $100. There are some travel blenders that cost less than $50 (quality may vary), there are many travel blenders for bulletproof coffee that costs between $90-$130, and there are very few high-end ones (like Blendtec or Vitamix) which can cost up to $400 or more


The important thing you’ll notice is, of course, the power. For something like bulletproof coffee, you need a blender that can crush the ice with ease – after all, it’s practically built for this purpose.


Another thing to remember before purchasing a travel blender is the capacity. Capacity will have an impact on customers in various ways. It becomes crucial if you want to prepare large quantities of bulletproof coffee on a frequent basis.

If you live alone and just brew coffee for yourself and visitors, capacity is unlikely to be a major concern when it comes to purchasing a blender, and it certainly won’t be a reason to eliminate any from your list.

On the other hand, if you live in a large family and everyone wants bulletproof coffee, it’s going to be essential that you take a high-capacity blender before you make a decision to buy. 


You may already know about the traditional 64-ounce blender (not including travel blenders). They are big enough to make a lot of bulletproof coffee at once, wherever you are. If that’s what you need, then this capacity will be perfect for your needs. You’ll be able to make large amounts of bulletproof coffee with ease and speed every time!

on the other hand, if you are living alone and want to make bulletproof coffee for yourself you may go with the personal travel blender, which is light enough and you will be able to carry with you.


you will need to pick the best blender for bulletproof coffee with a model that has enough speed settings for your needs. This is especially important when it comes to preparing smoothies and other foodstuffs, in which case you’ll want to make sure that there are different speeds. That way you can achieve the consistency and evenness of texture necessary for great results!

The smaller capacity personal travel blenders may have as low as one speed. However, the larger capacity models typically provide many more speed options and can be adjusted depending on what type of ingredients you are using how much time you need it blended/chopped, etc.


The blades in a blender take a lot of the strain when it comes to creating bulletproof coffee in one. Blender blades can wear down while you prepare this sort of coffee because you’re combining hot liquids at increased temperatures with other dishes. Emulsification is necessary for great bulletproof coffee, which necessitates higher temperatures, and blenders without good blades won’t last long. Only invest in blenders with high-quality blades if you want to avoid making any errors.


A good warranty can help you avoid costly repairs, and it ensures that, in the case of an emergency, your machine is returned up to and running as soon as possible. Some producers give a one-year guarantee, while others offer a two-year warranty.

Spare parts

Blender components like jars and lids are highly vulnerable to wear and tear, particularly with daily or frequent use. Invest in products with spare parts to make sure you can replace anything that becomes worn over time with ease. Check whether the product comes with any extra spares when you buy it, if not consider looking for products with multiple spare parts included, especially if they’re affordable enough to warrant buying extras.


The best bulletproof coffee travel blenders are the ones that will work for you and your needs. We’ve done our research, so we narrowed it down to five of the most popular models. Check out our list to find one that fits with what you need in a blender!

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