How to Cut Onions for Fajitas?

How to Cut Onions for Fajitas?

Slicing or cutting an onion for tasty fajitas is not a difficult job to perform. However, it’s important to slice the pieces to get even slices. The right approach is to cut the onion in half and then make horizontal slices. This approach will result in slices that differ greatly in size. In the case … Read more

Cocotte vs. Dutch oven

Different types of ovens are available in the market nowadays. Cocotte and Dutch ovens are popular because of their excellent features and properties. Most people have this question in mind: What is the difference between a Dutch and a Cocotte oven? Even though in the papers or at first glance, there aren’t a lot of … Read more

Why are under counter can openers so expensive?

Over the last few years, the types and use of can openers have become very advance. You can now use them for multiple purposes bedside their basic role of opening a can. Well, with improvement, whether it is an instrument or a gadget, the cost increases and the product become more expensive than usual. So, … Read more