Cocotte vs. Dutch oven

Different types of ovens are available in the market nowadays. Cocotte and Dutch ovens are popular because of their excellent features and properties.

Most people have this question in mind: What is the difference between a Dutch and a Cocotte oven? Even though in the papers or at first glance, there aren’t a lot of differences among these two.

Some people believe that these ovens are similar and the only difference is in the name, but that’s not true. Here in this article, you will learn about cocotte vs. Dutch oven in detail. Check out the article below for a detailed insight.

All about Dutch oven

If you don’t know anything about a Dutch oven, then you are at the right place. A Dutch oven is more like a pot with thick walls. It contains a tight-fitting cover that is self-basting. Usually, two types of Dutch ovens are available in the market.

One can use this oven for everything from baking to frying to braising. It is heavy-walled, often prepared of enameled cast iron. It contains a lid and a handle for easy use in the kitchen.

Material Used in the Making of a Dutch oven

The popular material choice used in making a Dutch oven is cast iron. It is the best material used in the making of a Dutch oven. Other than that, there are many more options you can stumble on as well.

One can easily get a Dutch oven made of stainless steel, aluminum, and so on. However, it is usually observed that seasoned cast iron is constantly the best to set off with for Dutch ovens.

What Is It Used for?

So, what’s the area of a Dutch stove over ordinary pots? Most importantly, they come with outrageous heat induction.

You can cook anything you need quicker and simpler. However, to go with slow cooking, you can get that very well from this one.

Usually, these are incredible for browning, roasting, searing, and sautéing. Other than that, you can also go for baking, stewing, bubbling, broiling, and steaming. To put it simply, you can nearly do any cooking you need.

Longing for a few prepared pies? Or possibly you need to enjoy a movie with some popcorn in your hands. You can cook every last bit of it on this stove. That is what is great about a Dutch oven.

Benefits of Dutch oven

There are a lot of benefits to using a Dutch oven. A few of them are listed below:

  • Dutch ovens are generally lightweight and easy to carry and hold. One can easily move them around while cooking.
  • They arrive in a variety of ranges and sizes. One can go for the greater sizes they need to prepare an entire dinner for guests.
  • You can get a ton of color options for your Dutch ovens. Are looks a thing for you? Well, you will be happy with the Dutch oven color assortment.
  • One can cook any food using a Dutch oven. You won’t require different pots for different cooking purposes. Helpful, isn’t that so?
  • In conclusion, you can utilize this to keep your food chilled. You should keep it in the freezer. Then, at that point, bring it out and serve your food in the pot. All this turns out incredible for salads at a party.

These are some of the engaging advantages of a Dutch oven. Nonetheless, if I somehow managed to nitpick on something, I would say they come very costly.

All about Cocotte oven

Cocotte oven is just another alternative to a Dutch oven. The cocotte oven is essentially enamel-coated. Cocotte ovens are smaller than usual Dutch Ovens.

For the materials, cast iron is utilized as the foundation of the pot for a cocotte. Alongside that comes an enamel coating. Cocottes are generally a bit weighty because of the solid construction.

Even the top they come from is a lot heavier than different pots. Because of the heavy cover, the fixing on the pot is proper so that you can get steady dampness in your cooking.

What Is this Oven Used for?

Since cocotte is one kind of Dutch oven, they can perform similar cooking exercises. Notwithstanding, they aren’t as fit as the Dutch oven because of the distinction in shape and size.

You can use a cocotte for a great deal of assortment in your cooking. Baking is a famous utilization of the cocotte. Since it’s effortless to keep the state of your prepared food with a smaller size, other than that, you can involve this for braising, stewing, bubbling, and even frying as well.

If you consider what you can cook in a cocotte, here are a few recipes. A deep-dish pizza is something many individuals lean toward cooking on a cocotte. Other than that, you can bake bread, pies, custards, or you can cook cinnamon rolls, as well. In any case, the best food varieties you can cook in a cocotte are French food as they use it for the more significant part of their cooking.

Benefits of Cocotte oven

Some of the advantages of using a cocotte oven are as follows:

  • Cocotte oven can help keep your food moisturized as it contains a heavy lid. It easily makes the food dry.
  • The amazing cocotte oven includes an enamel coating. The enamel coating makes the food not stick to the cover.
  • It is smaller in size, which means you can cook only a smaller amount of food in it.
  • Cocotte oven contains some little spikes on the internal part of the lid. This property makes it suitable for basting.
  • This great oven is popular among people because it retains and distributes heat. 

Apart from all these above-listed benefits, you can realize how great this oven is once you use it. However, there are also some of the downsides associated with cocotte oven. The first and the most significant concern is the price of this oven.

Cocotte oven is somehow expensive as compared to Dutch oven. Another primary concern you may have with this oven is its weight capacity. The cocotte oven is a bit heavier than a regular Dutch oven.

Cocotte Oven vs. Dutch oven

Usually, the cocotte ovens are oval or round in shape. They are available in small sizes, and one can easily cook food for a small number of people by using them.

On the other hand, the Dutch ovens are typically larger. You can easily cook a large quantity of food utilizing a Dutch oven. Similarly, both cocotte and Dutch oven contain a cast iron base with enamel coating. However, one can also get a Dutch oven in stainless-steel and aluminum variants.


Cocotte and Dutch ovens are popular because of their features and unique advantages. The significant difference between a cocotte and a Dutch oven is of lids. The cocotte oven lids contain spikes inside them. The cocotte ovens are more heavyweight as compared to Dutch ovens. Check out the article above for a detailed understanding.

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